Revista Rollo Latino is a high quality magazine that is published every month and delivered directly to advertisers, professional businesses as well as doctor and government offices throughout the Central Valley. Revista Rollo Latino is a cultural, informative, family oriented magazine. This is the first magazine focused in giving it’s readers good, innovative editorial content not just to entertain but to educate and inspire all to better themselves and family’s lifestyle. By doing this we think we are contributing to make this a better place for us all.

Revista Rollo Latino’s target is the Hispanic population. People primarily between the ages of 18-35 read Revista Rollo Latino and most readers are bilingual.

The Hispanic population in the United States has grown tremendously in these past few years and continue to do so. Hispanics are changing the nation in all sectors, including business, politics, education, and entertainment. They account for more than 20% of the nations population and are younger than the general market, because of this Hispanics represent an even greater opportunity for advertisers. Therefore, Rollo Latino’s focus is primarily reaching that market. Studies show Hispanics are one of the top consumers in the nation.

The publisher and staff of Revista Rollo Latino are creative young people that are on the vanguard to provide exceptional service and products to our advertisers and readers. Revista Rollo Latino has been running successfully for almost 3 years and continues to expand.
Our writers and collaborators are very prominent people known not only here in California but, throughout North and Central America, included are news reporters, professional writers and chef’s.

Revista Rollo Latino’s reader’s look forward to the monthly issues because of its interesting information offered such as interviews with very affluent people, entertainment, travel, food recipes, finance and politics. Revista Rollo Latino’s readers interact greatly with the magazine through polls and surveys offered through our website: www.revista.rollolatino.com, which  in return help us publish articles  that we know will be of interest.
As an advertiser you can be confident of a professional relationship with Revista Rollo Latino. You will be satisfied with your decisión to join our team and grow simultaneously. Revista Rollo Latino’s effort is to deal with every advertiser individually to understand and help reach their individual needs. and goals.

Revista Rollo Latino is a subdivision of Rollo Latino Graphics where graphics, logos, business cards, signs and more services are offered for all your advertising needs.

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